HTC Dream/T-Mobile G1 gets the taste of Jelly Bean, Courtesy of CM10

Who says that Android is fragmented? At least there are guys over at XDA-Developers are making this wrong. It’s been long 4 years since the release of the HTC Dream a.k.a T-Mobile G1, also the first Android device which came with Cupcake Android 1.5 and was updated just to Donut Android 1.6. The HTC Dream, inspite of its not so appealing looks grabbed attention of many and fared good in the reviews. Officially the HTC Dream never got any Android update above Android 1.6 a.k.a  Donut but the developers never left the device alone and you can easily find a good number of Custom ROMs for the device over the web.

tmobile g1 1 HTC Dream/T Mobile G1 gets the taste of Jelly Bean, Courtesy of CM10

Not many people may have this device by this time but thankfully XDA Recognized Developer / Contributor jcarrz1 had it. “jxarrz1″ has given all of us a surprise by  delivering a pre-alpha build of CyanogenMod 10 for the G1 which is out now in the official thread over XDA, meaning that the device will get the taste of Jelly Bean and will be surely kept alive for at least some more time.

Its obvious that G1′s lowly 528 MHz ARM 11 processor won’t handle Android 4.1  with ease, but do remember that it is just a pre-alpha build so bugs and glitches are expected. The CM10 ROM will now require some time for the refurbishing but till then it is a big achievement.

If you are eager enough and you have  the device, install it already! Do let us know how this ROM fares?


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