Pinterest Sign Up – Login Sign Up, Pinterest Sign in, and Pinterest Login, is a very easy process. Pinterest is a pinboard style photo sharing website with a unique concept of photo sharing. You can share and manage your photos and personal pictures with Pinterest. It also allows us to make the collections of our images with a beautiful and elegant feel which is a must for the people with professional work with photos and images. The photos can be managed and stored on the basis of events, hobbies, interests and some more custom fields. You can also check your pins from mobile using the mobile website.

pinterest logo

Signing Up for a account is a very easy task and by signing on Pinterest, we get our professional looking board of Images which otherwise is not possible. By signing up for Pinterest, you also get an Image hosting and storage account which is very secure and always in our hand with the use of our mobiles and tablets. One thing that I like great about Pinterest is that it gives you the option to login with your Facebook or Twitter account even on the same page. This option can prove to be very useful if you are already logged in your account and are not quick enough to again type your credentials in the Login page. So without further delaying, I’ll just get to the task at hand.

How To Sign Up on Website

Starting from the basics and assuming that you do not have a Pinterest account, I’ll go through the Sign Up procedure. This is an easy task.

  1. First, go to the home page of the website. For this, click on the address bar of your web browser and type “” without quotes, then hit enter. The page you will reach will be something like the screen below.

pinterest home page

2. On reaching this screen, click on the Join Pinterest button, placed just below main logo of the website. Now there will the login page, just like the one below.

pinterest login screen3. Now you can sign up for with your and account. By logging by either Facebook or Twitter account some of the signup steps can be skipped like the email verification and confirmation along with putting your name and other personal details. Although this makes the things simple but I’ll just stick to the usual way of sign up. You should now click on sign up with your email address to go to the sign up screen. On clicking sign up with your email address, you will be taken to the main Pinterest sign up page which looks like the screen below.

create a pinterest account

 4. Now you will receive an email on the email address you provided in the sign up page. This is just to verify your email address. The email will be something like the screen shot below. pinterest verification mail

5. Now click on the red button saying “Verify Email” which will take you to the main page of In case you have not enabled Jave script in your browser, the link will not work. In this case you will have to click on the link given at the bottom of the mail saying Link not working? Paste this in your browser. The main part of Pinterest signup is done!

6. Now Pinterest will ask you to click on some snaps already present in the wall or whatever it is said. Do click on the photos that interest you or are in your niche to proceed further. You need to click on at least five pictures to go to the next step. Do note that you can also click on more than 5 pictures.

7. After clicking on those 5 photos, click on continue just like in the snap below.

pinetest sign up

All done! Now you are on Pinterest. Now you can pin you photos and make pin boards on the web. Click on the link below to go to

WWW.Pinterest.COM SIGN UP OR Pinterest.COM LOGIN

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