Install Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Blast Custom ROM on Galaxy Y S5360

Samsung Galaxy Y owners can update their devices using the Jelly Blast Android 4.1 based Custom ROM on their devices to get the taste of JB. Since we all know that Samsung would not be releasing Android ICS or any newer iteration of Android further for this device, due to the low end hardware.

But no need to worry about that, XDA Senior member Styrke has created the Jelly Bean Blast Custom ROM for Galaxy Y S5360. Below are the features of the ROM.

Features of Jelly Bean Blast Custom ROM

  • Replaced launcher with Stock ICS like launcher!!!( HOLO LAUNCHER from Mobint)
  • Added ICS circle lock
  • All apps like ICS
  • Upgraded: Google play Store(not Market), Google PLAY music, new Google maps, and much more!!!
  • Added link2sd ( You can move ALL apps to SD with this app!!!)
  • Retains DSP Manager for great sound!!!
  • Swype with ICS theme!!!!!!
  • Exactly ICS like FOLDERS!!!!!!!!
  • Removed more bloatware!!!
  • Added ICS gallery!!!!! Much, much faster!!!
  • Transparent notification panel( from Creed…)
  • Contains full ICS ANIMATIONS!!!!….please activate it under settings >display ..because it is turned off to save battery ….
  • A BEAUTIFUL Custom ROM, which looks exactly like GALAXY NEXUS!!! YAY!!!!
  • Based on S5360DDLA1, but works on any version u are using!!
  • Completely stable!!!
  • [Note: The Android version is displayed as 4.0.4 to complete the look and feel of the ROM. Users should keep in mind that it is actually 2.3.6] – XDA

We will make use of Android’s recovery to flash the firmware file on the device. Make sure that you create a complete data backup before proceeding because if anything goes wrong your device will be completely messed up.


Disclaimer: TechSpooler won’t be held responsible for any damage that is caused due to the usage of this guide, we don’t try each and every procedure on our devices first. Though this is a very unlike event if you follow each and every step given carefully.


  • This update applies to Samsung Galaxy Y S5360
  • Make sure that the battery of the device is 100 percent charged.
  • Enable USB Debugging on your Android phone.
  • Download Device Drivers for Your Android Device from here.
  • Backup SMS / Call Logs, Contacts, APN Settings, WhatsApp Messages, Multimedia Files, and all other important stuff stored on your device. Read Android Backup Guide to take full backup of data stored on your device.

Once you’re done with the checklist and are ready to install the Jelly Bean Blast Firmware, proceed the installation steps that have been given below.

Install Jelly Bean Blast Custom ROM on Galaxy Y

  1. Download Jelly Blast Firmware. Transfer the downloaded zip file to the root of your mobile phone’s SD Card.
  2. Once the transfer is complete, safely remove your device from your computer.
  3. Boot your Galaxy Y into Recovery Mode. Press and hold Volume UP + Home + Power Button together and wait for the device to boot.
  4. On recovery menu, select “wipe data/factory reset” and confirm it by selecting “YES” on the next screen asking for confirmation.
  5. Head to the main recovery screen and select “install zip from SD Card” >> “choose zip from SD Card”, now select the CM10 Firmware zip file that we had transferred on the device. Select “YES” on the next screen to confirm the installation of the file.
  6. Now, head back to the main recovery menu and select “reboot system now”.

Kudos! You have installed Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Blast Custom ROM on Galaxy Y S5360.



  1. Pradip says

    I have some questions, regarding rooting and then installing custom roms over the Smartphone. Is it really safe to root your device. or wholly a risky Job. and are these customs really works good over such device. Plz mail me the Reply

    • Vikas says

      Regarding Rooting and Custom ROMs: See, installing these is never risky, though there are chances that your device might get bricked. But that is completely reversible all you need to do is to take a backup before proceeding.

      Working of Custom ROMs: Have You ever thought about why people use that many Custom ROMs? – That is because of these increased features and speed. Custom Firmwares are lightweight and have lot more customization features.

  2. chandan says

    I can’t download the custom rom. It shows tht the file is invalid or deleted by the uploader.
    plz provide me the link to download the custom rom.
    thank you…..

  3. subhankar says

    Plz tell me how restore original android 2.3.6 Rom on my galaxy y…I alrady install jelly bean custom Rom on my device…
    Plz reply first.

  4. atprocks says

    Actually you shouldn’t specify that this is 4.1 based rom its just a gingerbread rom modified to look like jb and the build prop edited to show 4.1 at the about phone menu.
    You are just misdirecting people.We don’t even have an ics rom for galaxy y which is EVEN NEAR to stable

    • Vikas says

      First of all, I have written “taste of JB”.
      Secondly, we have many stable roms available for the Galaxy Y Device.

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