How to Setup Outlook account in your Android phone

The e-mail clients in Android have always good enough as compared to the ones in other major platforms. The Android OS not only lets you to integrate your Gmail account in your Android device, instead you can set any number of account — Gmail or otherwise in your phone. The recently introduced Microsoft e-mail service named as Outlook is catching much hype so here is a tutorial on how to set up an Outlook account in your Android phone without any roadblocks which I faced in during my first setting.

Android Outlook Contacts2 How to Setup Outlook account in your Android phone

Yesterday I was trying to set up an  Outlook account in my Android phone but I faced many errors and there were many things which I couldn’t understand. Consequently I was not able to set-up the account in the phone. I did some research in over the web for the solution and compiled now have successfully set up my Outlook account in my Android phone. If you are also stuck in the same process, then continue to read as I am covering the full method by which you can set up an Outlook account in your Android phone

How to set up an Outlook account in your Android phone

  1. Press the Home button to get to the Home screen of your Android phone. Now go to the App drawer and open the “Email” app. If some tutorial pops up, just press Next and then on the next screen type your “credentials“, which are your email address and password. If you type them correctly just press Next. Now you will go to the set up screen. The email app will try to auto configure your Outlook account but will fail. It seems that apart from Google, none of the email service providers are supporting mobile devices fully. Still, if the server information gets filled automatically, then you are done.
  2. Assuming that an error has occurred (which also happened with me), you will have  to manually configure the account. Now you need to verify the Port settings for your phone. First Go to the Outlook website verify the Port settings by selecting “Tools” and then “Account settings“, then double-click on the “Advanced” tab. From here you can see the port number and technical stuff. You just need the “Port number” and all other things need to be kept intact. Keep in mind that the port number for your Android device may be different then someone else’s so if this doesn’t work out, contact to your service provider, as they can help you better in this case. If you see a valid port number continue.
  3. If necessary, you can also change the “POP3 server“, as your incoming mail server, which can also be found in the Microsoft Outlook by navigating to “Tools” then “Account Settings“. Now you can enter your incoming server information. Now click on Done. In the “Security tab“, select “SSL (if available)“, as this will enable you to use your Outlook account on an Android phone but still it is a matter of chance if SSL is available in the options. If you select “SSL (always)“, the account won’t work, at least it didn’t work for me. Also enable to “Delete mail from server” as it will enable the deletion of emails from your online mail box when you delete it from your inbox from your phone. Click Next.
  4. Now comes the “Outgoing server“. Enter your outgoing server information in the “SMTP server” and leave all other things intact. You can change the port if you feel so, but the default is the most compatible one. Now click Done and then Next.
  5. Now you may choose the “Email checking frequency“, or whether you need to be notified when an email arrives. If you get a lot of mails, just select every 5 minutes, but keeping it to check mails every 15 minutes is best. Increasing  the mail checking frequency will also degrade your battery life, so do everything with care. It will also ask you to make this account to be the default one in your Android phone. It’s up to you to set this account as the default or not but ideally I won’t suggest you to do so. Click on Next and you are done. You will now proceed towards the Microsoft’s Outlook. To send a new message, just tap on the “Menu” and Compose your message.

Now you have successfully set up Microsoft’s Outlook Mail in your Android phone. Do let me know if anything goes wrong in the comments.

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