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A Brief Guide on Vidmate App 2018 :


Videos are the new mainstream application for promotion, sharing achievements, knowledge and many other things. Videos available on YouTube and other mediums are licensed to the consumer and is available to be viewed any time on the internet, but we cannot download these videos officially which makes it difficult for us to view these videos anywhere via a media player.

Vidmate Video Downloader is an alternative to TubeMate which is another best popular video downloading application available in the market. Vidmate is the best application available with striking and cool features and a great interface. Downloading videos on Vidmate is quite interactive and hence easy, although we will be guiding you for the same in the latter half of the video.

Talking about the Vidmate video application it is available to the masses from past 4 to 5 years which makes it one of the longest running video downloading application. The past update to the application came back in May, 2018 with version number 3.4.5. The application have over 500 million downloads which shows the success of the app.Well, want to know more about Vidmate? get to know on https://vidmateapk.co.in/

Let us now look forward to the steps to download Video on Vidmate from YouTube easily:

  1. Download the Vidmate APK File and install it on your Android Smartphone. One thing to note that it is not available on Google Play Store due to policy issues and hence you will need to download it from any third party website or from their official website.
  2. Once installation of the application is complete you will have to open Vidmate Application and it will have different sections such as Feature, Movie, Music, Video, TV Show and more.
  3. Click on YouTube icon which will be there just below the section tab. Also you can head to the url using the embedded browser of Vidmate app.
  4. Search for the particular video you want to download by searching via the title or keyword or you can even head to the creator’s page to see the appropriate video you need to download.
  5. Once you open the video it will start playing you can either watch the video or you will get a download button on the bottom right corner of the screen.
  6. You will get option of Music and Video to download which will show the data to be utilized by showcasing the size of the video file as per the quality you select.
  7. Once you select the quality you will see the progress of the video downloading in the Downloads section. Do note that downloading videos on Cellular Data can incur you additional charges, you must see terms and conditions of using internet via your data provider.
  8. Once it is downloaded you can play it using any video player. You can even transfer the video to other devices via OTG or a Laptop.

These are few steps with which you can download any media on your device without any issue. If you have any problem in any of the above mentioned step then do let us know in the comment section below.



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