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Every Business Online Needs a Customer Support Software


Wix is a company that’s been with us for more than a decade and their primary concern is website development. Sure, there are tons of website builders out there, but the reason we’ve decided to opt for Wix is simply that they offer FREE tools and their intuitive interface will probably feel warm to most beginners. However, we aren’t going to talk about Wix in particular, but its amazing new help desk support software called Wix Answers.

What is Wix Answers?

Simply put, Wix Answers is a help desk software that takes care of your customer support. Haven’t you used customer support on some websites? Chances are they are probably made using Wix Answers, which should give you some insight into how great it is. Wix Answers gives you an enjoyable, smooth learning curve, letting you try all the functions for free.

Today, Wix Answers can pride itself on having a huge plethora of options, tools, and features at your disposal. Everything from the content itself to the aesthetics of your website, Wix Answers lets you customize it with ease. Aren’t you already pumped up? It’s time to look at those delicious features.

Wix Answers is a pretty straightforward platform. In the upper right corner, we have a “Create New Article” button which lets you create a new article of your desire. The homepage is dedicated to some tutorials, Wix Answers Support, and some additional info. On the left side, you can review the features that we will describe below.  

  • Call Center Support

Customer service call center might be my favorite feature of Wix Answers. If you’re growing tired of waiting for the email responses, it’s nice when you can just grab your phone and ask some questions. Thankfully, Wix Answers gives you the possibility to use your own 1-800 number which you can use to make or receive calls. Another great feature of the call center is that your customers can request a callback, making it more convenient for them. After all, you don’t want to keep your customers waiting.

  • Ticket Management

Wix Answers supports multi-channel ticket management, streamlining and collecting various tickets from numerous channels. Being it email, social media, phone, or any other platform, you’ll be able to see and tackle customer’s questions and issues in no time. And if you want to know more about your customers, you can always incorporate some blank fields where they can fill in the info and you’re good to go. It may sound easy, but… it’s actually that simple!

  • Widget for Customer Support

Many websites put their customer support at the bottom of their home page. While that’s okay, it can sometimes be time-consuming. You can instead benefit from a unique option where you can put a tiny widget for easy access to your customer support. It’s actually more than great since users can use it to access your complete customer support, as well as get professional help from your company’s stuff.

  • Actionable Insights

Whether your progress is going rapidly or slowly, it’s still some kind of progress. Thankfully, Wix Answers lets you track and take note of every single thing that’s happening on your website. Your actionable insights can be seen at any time and they are here to indicate if you need some changes on your website. Here, you can see your team’s performance, ticket response times, user satisfaction ratings, and much more. Be sure to check your insights at least once per week. This will maximize your earnings and success.

  • Help Center

Not only that you can easily build up your help center, but it’s so damn fun! I’m not kidding, though. Wix Answers uses its intuitive and simplified interface to show you how easily you can set up your control center. There are tons of templates, to begin with, and you can choose AND customize them to suit your needs. This way, you can add some articles or write a new post and publish it. If that’s not simple for you, I don’t know what is.

  • FAQ Section

We’ve come to the FAQ section, which is in most cases, the most helpful section of the website. FAQ stands for “Frequently Asked Questions”. While this is a solid option for your customer support, another great option is to incorporate some how-to guides. If you do this, chances are that you’ll cover more issues and questions your customers might have.

With its generous set of features and tools for creating your customer support, Wix Answers is great for those with small and medium business, as well as freelancers. Despite being free in the basic package, Wix Answers showed how great it is and wasted no potential.

In my opinion, this is the best help desk software at the moment. The account creation is simple and you’ll get started with it in a couple of minutes.



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