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How to lock/Password Protect Gallery in Android/iOS using Vault app?



Android users find themselves addicted to their platform while the iOS users stay addicted to their own platform. Another platform exist known as the Windows category but it hasn’t so far made any impact in gaining the market share as it is not much user-friendly.

Android fans are reluctant in converting from this platform as none of the other platforms are able to deliver so many features, altogether. IPhone users feel the same as they seek a device that is far from any glitches and fulfills the regular tasks with no hassle. Since, iPhone offers only limited features as compared to android, iOS users remain satisfied.

But in any case, both of these platforms need something to keep their data safe. Data ranging from photos, videos, audios, docs etc. may or may not be confidential exist in your devices and are in desperate need of protection.

To help our readers, we have made a review on an app for both iPhone and Android smartphones that would help you get rid of all such data related threats once and for all. Folder Lock for iPhone/Folder Lock for Android is one of the best gallery lock app that lets you password protects photos, secure backup, lock videos, and protect notes and more.

Download Links for Folder Lock:

Folder Lock App for Android http://www.newsoftwares.net/folderlock/android/

Playstore https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.newsoftwares.folderlock_v1

Folder Lock App for iOS http://www.newsoftwares.net/folderlock/iphone/

Appstore https://itunes.apple.com/app/apple-store/id372925917?mt=8b

Below we have explained the details of all it offers:

Password protect private photos/videos:

Photos are something private and not supposed to be shared with the masses. Same can said for videos and maintaining their privacy is a hectic task. Therefore, folder lock lets you password protect photos and lock videos easily.

App lock:

They say using apps isn’t safe but what they do not tell you is that if someone else gets access to your accounts/apps that would be a bigger issue. Hence, keep your apps protected using app lock. Run all your favorite apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.

Secured wallets:

Keep your confidential information safe such as health card, bank accounts, credit cards, and other financial records safe using secret wallets.

Secret voice memos:

Use the secret voice recorder to record your secret thoughts. You can listen to your recordings using the built-in audio player.

Private contacts:

Keep up your contact list by storing private contacts and send secret-group SMS to them using Folder Lock’s protected interface.

 Cloud backup:

Upload your data on the cloud and maintain a complete peace of mind knowing all of your data is safe, secure and recoverable for when you lose your device and you have no other option but to recover it.

Four security locks:

You can select the options between creating a password, setting a PIN or a pattern or simply going for the fingerprint locking option.

Decoy made:

Make a fake profile to prevent untrusted people from accessing your actual Folder Lock user-account.


  • Multiple features – All vault features at one place
  • User friendly – easy to use and keeping files safe.


  • Too much colorful and Flashy interface
  • Sometimes a bit slow in processing heavy files

Last words:

Overall, this gallery vault app worked well in both the platforms i.e. android and iOS. Its password protection feature was reliable and did exactly as it promised. However, the interface seemed to be a bit overworked. But in terms of performance, we found no issues.



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