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Okay, So the OnePlus 5T Leaked again and it’s pretty Sexy.


Before the chapter of OnePlus 5T comes, “OnePlus 5” made a debut in the market months back and was a 50-50 phone. 50-50 in the sense of reviews and feedbacks given by the consumers and reviewers. Some of them noted the prior cons and some of them noted the prior upgrades and best features and ended up confusing a lot of buyers to consider OnePlus 5 as their next daily driver or not.

But this time, things doesn’t seem to be the same again. OnePlus is pretty much ready with the OnePlus 5T and the design language is.. Mind Blowing. This latest image mirrors some of the previous leaks, but with quite a bit more detail. Obviously, the standout change in design here is the slimmer bezels, as the company is widely expected to adopt a larger, 18:9 6-inch display.

OnePlus previously mentioned that the OnePlus 5 didn’t adopt the “bezel-less” trend when it debuted early this year due to resources, but clearly, the company has been able to up its game since then.

OnePlus 5T

Well, As with those previous renders, the OnePlus 5T doesn’t seem like it’s going to quite match the look of the Galaxy S8 or even the LG V30, but it’s certainly a slimmer design when it comes to the bezels. Though the latest render doesn’t give us a look at the bottom of the phone, but we’re expecting it to drop the front-facing fingerprint sensor in exchange for one on the back.

There’s no indication when the OnePlus 5T might be announced, but the standard model has been out of stock for a little while, But that’s relatively a good sign that this new OnePlus flagship is coming quite soon and we can’t be anymore excited!

Quick Question, how many of you are actually thinking to get the OnePlus 5T? Anyone yet? Do let us know in the comment section below! 😀



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