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Top 5 Trending Apps in PlayStore in 2018 –


Smartphones are the only device which we use mostly in the day time. Hence they become the best way to contact someone instead of the old email, letters or Yahoo Chat. Reaching out on call is also not the right way, hence composing a message and sending via a messaging application is the best way to reach out to anyone in today’s generation. Let us now look at the Top 10 Best Messaging applications available for our mobile phone. You can also checkout https://9appsapk.com/ for trending stores in other android app stores.


If you own a smartphone than there is a high probability that you do also own this application on your phone. The application is quite gigantic with it being available on almost all the platform currently in the computing industry. The application is also preinstalled on most of the smartphones. It works on the concept of Mobile Number and you do not have to remember any username or password to work with WhatsApp. There are also a number of different encryptions and privacy and security measures taken along with WhatsApp where it supports GIFs and even many other features which are growing day by day.


This application is popular in Asia and is counting over 600 Million users. The app is rich with a couple of features such as Facebook where you can post and comment and like on posts by people you are connected with. Line was the first to introduce VOIP calls with people so that you do not need to waste your expensive minutes on cellular network.

Facebook Messenger

Back in days this application was merged with Facebook where you can chat with the friends of Facebook but now there is another addition on the application which makes it a messaging application with collogues and friends with whom you are not connected on Facebook. In this application you can enjoy all the features which you were during chatting with your Facebook friend, but now you can even chat with people without sharing your profile just with the username.There is also a provision to send GIFs and other stickers with other people.


It is an extension to Google’s mailing service where you can connect with your friends and collogues and businesses. You will do require Google Account to be connected with people. The app is available on both Android and iOS and you will be able to share photos, GIFs and video calls.

Google Allo

Another chatting application by Google which integrates the all new Assistant feature. It is also available with Google Assistant which makes chatting with your friends much easier. It does offers photo sharing, emoji’s and stickers to the peoples to enjoy chatting with friends.

You can also try http://vidmateapp.mobi/

These are the top 5 messaging applications available to you on Android and iOS both with which you can communicate with your friends and officials. Also if you have any other suggestions to be included in the list do let us know in the comment section below.




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