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Refurbish Products – Need of the hour


Refurbishing something means renovating and redecorating it. The process of refurbishing is in trend these days. In recent years, there has been a tremendous increase in refurbishment of products. Refurbishment has many definitions. It means minor repair, and major maintenance of something, mechanically as well as aesthetically. It may also be defined as the process of extending the useful life of something by adopting the updated version and new technologies.

There is always a question and doubt regarding the purchase of refurbished products. There are few companies which have no quality control for refurbished products. But the case is totally different with the products of apple. As apple says, they sell refurbished products as good as new one. Whereas there are several companies that may sell the products with many cosmetic defects and other issues.

Apple makes sure that every refurbished iPad, Mac, Apple accessory or Apple TV etc undergo a certification process. It checks that every product is fully functioning. With iOS devices, every product gets a fresh battery and an outer shell as well. All the refurbished goods from apple come with the warranty of one year. Virtually, there are no drawbacks of purchasing refurbished products from apple, only the buyer has to wait for a few months. But, the quality of the product will be super and price saving can be totally worth the wait.
Now the question may arise that what actually are these refurbished products. So, the apple receives the returned products from its customers which are a bit defective.

There may be some products which people would have elected to recycle by the recycling program of apple. Apple repairs these products, replaces its defective parts and offers it for sale on its refurbished online site. The apple doesn’t sell the refurbished products on its retail store. They are only available online. One can also get all the refurbished goods at tech.trade.

Tech Trade are technology suppliers who mainly focus on customer satisfaction and best prices. They deal with all the products of apple, Samsung, IBM, Dell etc. But their top categories of selling products are Mac Book, Mac Book Pro and refurbished iMac.
The main reason of purchasing the refurbished products is the heavy discount. Usually there is 15 to 20 percent discount in iPads and Macs. But there comes some situation where the products are even sold at 25 percent discount. Older will be the products, more will be the discount.

Apple outlines its refurbishing process in its website. Each and every product is tested to ensure that it is in working condition. This step involves several tests for this. After the test, the defective parts found are replaced with functional ones. The fresh batteries are installed and new outer enclosure is provided to the product. After this all the products are cleaned and also inspected by the concerned person. Latest software is installed. After all these processes, the products is finally repacked in the new boxes and a new refurbished part number and a new serial number is assigned to the products and at last before bringing it back to the people, the products undergoes quality assurance inspection.



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