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The Benefits of ELD Devices and their Apps


ELD stands for Electronic Logging Device which is also known as kilometre/mileage registration devices. What are the benefits of tracking ELD devices? Keeping a good mileage registration has many advantages for the employer and the drivers. A GPS kilometre registration system consists of a small box that is built in the car in an inconspicuous place. By using black-box-kilometre registration, data cannot be tampered with, and the driver and employer can be sure that the data is 100% reliable and stored safely. The gains made with this technique are mainly in the accuracy of the data and the time savings in keeping track of the kilometre registration. Afterwards or during the journey, the data can be viewed via a kilometre registration app and a clear web portal.

Exactly proceed with digital rides registration

No more nagging with kilometre registration forms, the fiscal box of Telematics does the job. Often the trip registration is manually recorded in a booklet by drivers of the car. These are collected once in a while and the data is manually re-tagged so that the mileage registration can be stored digitally in Excel. This process is enormously subject to error margins. Unreadability, duplication or incorrect notation can cause a significant deviation. And that is the last thing the administration and tax authorities need. In the event of a check, wrong data can result in a fine. But how does a GPS trip registration system work exactly?

The operation of the kilometre registration device

A GPS receiver is located in the kilometre registration box. With this, it can be determined on the basis of satellite data where a car is located. By continuously requesting and receiving this data, the GPS-kilometer registration can be determined. For example, the start and end point of a journey, the start and end times, the speed and total distance are stored. This information is digitally linked to the account of the company so that everything is neatly accessible. Additional data fields can also be added via the app for mileage registration, such as a description of the trip. In this way, the driver can mention important information, such as which client and assignment the ride belongs to.

Automatic mileage registration, also for freelancers

The journey registration form is also a thing of the past for freelancers. They can, of course, use automatic kilometre registration just as well as companies with staff. People who are self-employed and who work, for example, as an electrician or in healthcare can also have the fiscal box installed. Even if the mileage registration for a private car is kept. By opening the rides registration app and selecting a ride, you can enter whether the journey was private or business. Via an online overview, the kilometre registration can be viewed, adjusted and printed with a printer. Very handy and accessible everywhere.

No matter how nice your work is, there are always administrative jobs that you usually do not want to jump. Like tracking your mileage. Still, you can do better: a good mileage registration or trip registration prevents problems with your employer and/or the tax authorities. Fortunately, it does not have to be that difficult at all.

The following some of the best ELD devices that helps you easily keep track of all those kilometres driven.

RouteReg ( iOS )

A good app for registration of rides ensures that you can keep as much information as possible without too much trouble. The creator of RouteReg has understood this well.

The app is reasonable at the price but has the advantage that it concerns one-off purchase costs. You are therefore not tied to a subscription after purchase. The app has been expanded without making it unclear: you can disable all app functions that you do not use.

The HotSpot function is extra useful, which gives you a notification as soon as you arrive at your destination. This prevents you from forgetting to enter the end of your journey. The registration automatically synchronizes with iCloud, and the result is easy to send via e-mail as PDF or CSV.

Ritbewijs ( Android ) ( iOS ) ( Windows )

This app, which is unfortunately not available for the iPhone, makes a prediction of how many kilometres you travel based on your previous trips. The chances are that you regularly drive the same route – for example from home to work and vice versa. This kind of rides can easily predict the app, which saves a lot of input work.

Also useful: you can specify reasons for deviating routes. In this way, you can explain why you suddenly drove differently than normal. Of course, you can then export the whole to Excel. You can try the app for free for a month, after that you pay $ 3.43 per month.

Track Assistant ( Android & iOS )

Track Assistant is a total solution for a fully automatic ride registration for iPhone and Android. As soon as you enter the car, you will be tracked until you leave the car. The information is automatically added to your mileage administration. Handy, because you do not have to do anything yourself.

If you have an Android device, it automatically connects to your car’s hands-free car kit. For the iPhone, you need a separate beacon of fewer than two decades.

AlphaGuide ( Android & iOS )

Most apps for kilometre registration do exactly that: registering the kilometres driven to the employer or tax authorities. AlphaGuide goes a step further, by simultaneously acting as a personal assistant. AlphaGuide works a lot less advanced than other apps: you have to manually start and stop the registration.

The app transforms your agenda into a time-based trip plan, so you know when to leave somewhere to arrive on time for your next appointment. This way you will never be late again – unless of course you are stuck in a traffic jam.

For those who have an Alphabet lease car, this app is extra interesting. The app then provides insight into the lease contract and also offers the possibility of reporting damage directly via the app.

Easy Ride Registration ( Android & iOS )

With Easy Ride Registration you can use the online web interface to indicate yourself which data you want to export to Excel for your trip registration. In addition, you can also enter your own rides in this app, or opt for the convenience of GPS.

One disadvantage: Easy Ride Registration is not cheap. You can use it for one month for free, but after that, you pay 70 dollars per year. This is about twice the subscription cost for similar apps.



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