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Tips for Repairing an iPhone 7 Charging Port

Repairing an iPhone 7 Charging Port

Have you noticed that your iPhone 7 is not charging properly or simply it is running out of battery sooner and sooner each day? It would be a very tense period of time. Calls will be dropped and online conversations will end soon before you would expect them to, making your phone experience unpleasant and annoying when your iPhone gets any charging issue.

We are not sure what causes such kinds of charging issues, hence, they appear to occur quite often. Perhaps, it’s a bug in the iPhone 7 software that just makes the iPhone completely unresponsive when you plug it in for charging. Or it might be because of any battery related issue. Whatever the reason is, this article provides you with some easy solutions to your problem. You can perform these useful tips and tricks and bring your beloved iPhone 7 back to perfect working condition.

Do You Need to Replace Your iPhone Battery?

Not now! iPhone battery replacement is the final solution to fix charging issues on your iPhone 7. Charging issues are very common and generally occur because of any software or hardware problems. You can try to fix them by yourself before getting mobile phone repair services. If these simple tips and tricks don’t work then probably your iPhone 7 screen repair problem, therefore, you should consider iPhone repairing solution.

Tips for Fixing an iPhone 7 Charging Port Issues:

As Ihave explained above that charging port issues found on an iPhone 7 might be related to some software and hardware problems. Here are some simple tips and tricks you can try to fix them.

1. Force Restart Your iPhone:

A hard restart forces your phone to power off abruptly and reboot it promptly. If you find yourself with iPhone charging issues, you can try this to fix it; it does not change anything at all, it just gives your handset a fresh start from scratch, resolving minor issues.

To do this, press and hold down the Home button and Power button at once and release them when the screen turns into blank and the Apple logo shows on the screen.

2. Inspect Your iPhone’s Charging Port:

If your iPhone is not charging accurately then you should inspect your phone’s charging port also known as the Lightning port. It may be broken. If it is broken, you are in need of taking your phone to a mobile phone repair specialist to fix it.

However, if the charging port is not broken but still your iPhone is not charging, be sure the lightning/charging port is utterly clean. Lint, dust, dirt, and other debris can lead a charging problem since they can block the port and create disturbance in making the connection between the lightning port and cable.

For the cleansing of your iPhone’s charging port, you can use a flashlight to check if there is dust, dirt, or any other debris in your charging port. And then, gently clean it with a new toothbrush or an electrical contact cleaner.

3. Check Your iPhone’s Lightning Cable:

Damaged lightning cable is also another reason for iPhone’s charging problem. So, you should check it with caution.

Make certain your charging cable is not damaged, frayed, or even chewed through. If it is, try a new different cable and check if this fixes your charging issues. Be sure that your lightning cables are Apple certified because these cables work best with Apple devices.

4. Check Your iPhone Charger:

If your iPhone discovers fluctuations from the power source and not charging as it should be, it might be because of your iPhone charger. There are several ways to charge your iPhone; try them to fix the issue.

Plug in your phone with your Mac or PC for charging if it works, then fine. If you are still expecting the same problem, you can try some other USB ports upon the computer. Still having a problem? Then, the chances are the USB ports on your computer lack the power to fully charge your iPhone device.

In addition, you can simply try a wall charger power adapter to get your iPhone charged. If you don’t have, ask a family member, friend, colleague, or even go to Apple store or any tech retail store.

5. DFU (Device Firmware Update)Restore Your iPhone:

A DFU restore is another effective trick that can fix your iPhone’s charging port issues. This certain type of restore lets you erase anything and then restore to factory settings. It has also the ability to resolves software problems by totally removing the code that might be causing your iPhone’s charging issue.

Let’s take a look at how do youDFU restore your iPhone:

  • Connect your iPhone with a computer using a lightning cable.
  • Open iTunes on your PC.
  • Press the Home and Power Buttons at the same time and keep holding them for at least 8 seconds.
  • After doing this, leave the Power button but continue to pressing the Home Button until you get a message “iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode.”
  • Then, release the Home button. If you have successfully put your iPhone in DFU mode, your iPhone’s screen will turns into black.If it’s not, you will have to try it again from the start.
  • Restore your iPhone device using iTunes.

6. Look For Mobile Phone Repair Specialist:

Have you tried all the above tricks for fixing your iPhone’s charging port? But still the problem is there; now it’s time to take your beloved iPhone 7 to an iPhone repair specialist. If your iPhone is covered under warranty then you can simply visit an AppleCare+ store to fix it.

Nevertheless, if you don’t have a warranty, the best option is to look for a certified iPhone repair centre online. Such kind of online stores offer their specialised services for iPhone screen repair, battery replacements, damaged headphone ports, and many more. Their tech experts thoroughly diagnose the device and perform a safe treatment to fix it.



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