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We are living in that century where many technologies come and go. There are many applications in the present world of technology which will come and go and so the competition between the apps will also grow day by day. One of the biggest competitions in the market is in between the spy apps. These android spy apps can record the incoming and outgoing calls of your friends or family members. You can easily identify whether your kid goes in the wrong direction or right direction. In recent days, there is a very huge rise in spy apps. A market is growing faster in terms of hacking apps and why not. These spyware for Android apps will give you an advanced feature through which you can easily know what your partner does on the Smartphone. You can see the chats on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Apart from this, you can also watch the text messages, photos, videos, etc.

But sometimes it may also happen that you will get fake promises through these apps. People work day and night to make these apps. Some apps work well while some are fake. So it is compulsory to know about the hacking apps before using it. We tested a dozen applications and figure out some of the best apps for you out of the many android spy apps. Without taking your precious time, let us talk about the apps:

  1. TheTruthSpy app

The main aim of developers behind to make this application to watch the activities of the spouse. It is one of the best apps among all the spy apps. This app can hack all the dimension of another system. You can easily download this app on the targeted mobile phone without any knowledge of the owner. Because after downloading, the icon will automatically disappear. The intention in making this app is to save the persons who face issues with their spouse.

  1. Flexispy app

The user interface of this application is quite amazing and easy. The top quality of Flexispy is to protect the user from the other person who is cheated on him or her. The flexibility is good but when it comes out in comparison with a ThetruthSpy app then it is not best. That is why the ranking of this application is placed at a lower position.

  1. Phone Sheriff

The quality of protection is not so good because of the cheap price of Phone Sheriff. No doubt it can help the user to hack the account of the person but with less protection. It is not capable to hide the essential elements like internet service provider address. If you want to learn the hacking process then you can go for this. Most of the peoples use this application just for the fun because it is easily available in the market with cheap price.

  1. Guest Spy

It is also known as iKeyMonitor. People usually prefer this application because of the cheap rates but it does not work well just like Phone Sheriff. It is a good application but due to the availability of greater app, it cannot be used by most of the peoples who want to seriously hack someone’s account. The peoples who have fewer budgets and want to hack the account can purchase this application. I personally not prefer the Guest Spy app.

  1. Highster Mobile

It comes in the ranking of just below the TruthSpy app and provides most of the same features. The impact of this app over the people is so high and people usually want to buy this application because it can provide very high security and protection from virus or malware which works just opposite to the system programming. If you want to seriously hack someone’s account and watch all the activities of your partner who cheated on you then go for this application. It will never let you down.

  1. Skyliomonitor Spy app

The people of France generally go for this app because the Government banned the internet service provider to not to use the software which is malicious. Due to this reason, it does not come up in the ranking of top spy apps in the world. Skyliomonitor Spy app is one of the most popular apps in France only. The protection level is good but not the best in comparison to other spy apps which are running in the world.

  1. Kohanim Spy

It is capable to watch the activities on someone’s mobile but it has a lot of issues. That’s why this app comes last in the ranking. You can easily download this app for free and use it anywhere you want. But it cannot protect your identity as many other apps can do. So you can use the Kohanim Spy app at your own risk.


Apart from all the above apps, there are many more apps which are available in the world of internet but considering all the above apps, the two apps work well if you are serious about hacking someone’s mobile: TheTruthSpy App and Highster Mobile App. Both apps come in the top of the ranking. If you have any suggestion for us or you want to know about any best android spy app other than this, then share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.




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